Hitch in import of medical devices

Dealing with the medical industry is a big challenge even in manufacturing and in imports. When we talk about the imports of medical devices that leads to so many issues involved in it. But it is much better than manufacturing with huge investments.

We know that imports also have big challenges but as compare to the manufacturing it is quite low. The more you get in the import will realize this is also not a piece of cake. Many kinds of different issues are involved in it. We know that local manufacturing has different challenges and the imports have different.

But in the import part challenges dissolve at the exporting hand. That is also a big matter but that things do not impact as direct to the importer. With less compromise it becomes addressable. The big matter begins when imports begin to create issues. In actuality, most of the time importers get under pressure.

The handling of so many things at a time is not easy. The more product line means an increase in wariness. As all different items have different challenges which are some time same and sometimes different. A big change in local policies can impact as a big turn.

So here are the main areas where most of the importers face issues. Because of those issues importing medical devices most of the time get hurt or get slow. That is quite dangerous for the health care sector. because they need it in time in their inventory for immediate use.

The list of the most addressing issues in the import of medical devices is as follows.

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Sourcing of material

Searching for the right material for outsourcing production is no easy task. Because many external manufacturers always prefer their selected material. The external material is not easily accepted by them. So, the sourcing of the matched material is not easy for the importer. Because any change in the material put all liability on the importer.

Sourcing of Items

Direct sourcing of the items and products is not easy. Because all new experiments are not fixed with guaranteed success. Selection should need to be based on market research. Without market study selection of products is always risky.

Quality issues

In the import, the deal just needs to check all things related to the quality. Because many kinds of cheating are involved in that quality matter. Most of the time vendor deal on other quality and give other. This is a big matter when importing the wrong quality.

Pricing issues

The price competition on the basis of the quality and product matters a lot. As the high price selection of the same product will cause immediate rejection. But a good price makes things faster. The better things begin when the price matter deal in the fairway which is according to the product quality, functions, and performance.

Delay in production

The delay in season is the big issue which most of the importers faced. Vendors commit so much and deliver nothing on time this is the big challenge.

Search for transportation

In the peak, season transportation is a big deal because many people are willing to charge more. That is quite not acceptable for the importer as it can increase their cost. The change in cost due to this is a big issue for them.

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Handling of shipping

The high freight means high cost, most of the importers pre-add their freight in their cost which is the wrong thing. So, the breakup of the freight is a big matter which mostly vendors push to not break. Because of their hidden profit in it and loss for the importer.

Inspection issues

Many times inspection companies give favor to the exporter and give the wrong reports to the importers. That is a direct and a big loss of the importers.

Chances of fraud

Putting fake, wrong and faulty product instead of the new product are the normal fraud in the imports. That need to be faced by the new importers mostly.

International Customs handling

The international customs handling is not the domain of the import. But delay in processing from the exporter cause a negative impact on the supply chain of the importer.

Exchange rate issue

The change in the exchange rate of the currency in exchange for importing countries becomes a big challenge. As it can increase the cost of the import as a decrease in importing country currency value

Lack of available inventory

Sometimes desire inventory gets short at the exporter’s hand which creates a big gap in the chain. An importer has no other option other than waiting for the imported goods or material.

Disputes in prices

In many cases, price confirmation gets in dispute because sellers take a step back due to a jump in prices. Some time importer steps back as the change in price towards less. So, this is a big issue in an international trade deal.

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Delay in shipment

The delay in shipment sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. In both cases, importers need to bear cost no matter what is the actual cause behind it.

Chances of vessel delay

As the vessel track and the weather have a good dependency.  That’s why the on-time arrival of vessels is a big matter for the importer. But in case of delay need to bear a loss of non-availability of goods and loss of sales.

Change in import duties in-country

Sudden change in the taxation of the importing country is also a big shock for the importer.

Change in policies and regulations

The bend and unbend policies of goods also play a very important role in the imports. Because importer business totally depends on it.

Market Rejection

Rejection of imported items due to quality and price is normal in the market. But this is a big risk for the importers.

High chances of damages

During transit and the by-will export of damaged goods both have equal negative impacts on the importer. This is a big loss for the importer which is not easy to bear.

Competition and Monopoly by local traders

Many times, in the market traders, create competition and do a monopoly on some items. They do it because they don’t want imported products to get in the market and replace products that they don’t have. That’s why they create a bad market for the new importers. But the old players like @Medqollc always welcome all changes of innovation and creativity for a better future.

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