How To Clean Room With ADHD: 3 Simple Tips

You might sometimes feel like ADHD and house cleaning consume your life, depending on your personality. Because of your ADHD brain, you are constantly dealing with organization issues and clutter. You just get overwhelmed whenever you attempt a cleaning task.

Our pain is the same as yours. ADHD makes it very difficult to organize. ADHD individuals, unfortunately, don’t always manage to keep their homes organized.

Additionally, we all lead busy lives, and most of us don’t have much extra money to spare. Because of this, we rarely have the energy and time to clean our houses ourselves.

In addition, we cannot afford to hire a housecleaner. In particular, ADHD sufferers experience this issue constantly. When you don’t have the motivation, energy, or time to clean, how can you?

How To Clean Room With ADHD

1. Regularly Practice Decluttering

House cleaning and ADHD seem to go hand in hand, especially when you have to constantly fight against clutter. People with ADHD often struggle with organization.

The ADHD mind moves from one idea to another, making it difficult to keep track of things and to put things back where they belong. As a result, ADHD individuals tend to accumulate a great deal of clutter, whether or not they want to.

Whether they are at home, in their car, or at work, they always have clutter. Having trouble with organization, as well as being overwhelmed by the mess, makes them feel like clutter can be a problem.

You should start practicing regular decluttering if you find yourself in this constant battle.

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Decluttering does not mean that you clean your entire house from top to bottom at once. While a whole house cleaning can be beneficial, this won’t solve your problem of clutter returning. You should instead declutter one area of your house every day.

Spend 10 minutes picking up clutter in one room in the morning, before you leave for work. At the end of the day, dedicate 10 minutes to the same area. By doing this, you can pick up a little bit each day without feeling overwhelmed and without getting lost in your clutter.

Depending on how much decluttering you need to do each day, you can rotate your areas picked up. You will have built this habit into your routine over time so that you don’t even have to think about cleaning regularly; you just do it.

2. Use Bins for Organization

You should also consider using bins for organization to help you with your decluttering and ADHD efforts. Clutter happens when things are not put where they belong. Over time, we just accumulate piles of stuff without a place for it.

Get some clear plastic bins and put them in your home’s closet or storage area to prevent clutter before it occurs. You can label the bins with general categories. Mail, work-related items, and books could be categorised.

Consider your own clutter and make a list of what things accumulate around your home if you cannot think of general categories. Your bins should be categorized by things that end up in piles everywhere.

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Start by putting your clutter in the appropriate bins once you have the bins and categories. It is necessary to empty a respective bin once it has been filled up. Sort through your full storage bin and toss out anything you don’t need and find a place to keep the belongings you want to keep.

If you look through your clutter and bring more things home, you can repeat this process over and over again.

Be sure to put everything in the bin whenever you bring something else home that you don’t already have. So you can use the bins to store extra items until you find a better use for them.

Using this method, you won’t create more clutter and won’t have to worry about cleaning up and finding places to put everything. It is important to make organization simple enough so you don’t have to think about it.

3. Set a Cleaning Schedule

You shouldn’t forget to plan to clean if you can’t envision doing it. If you won’t plan to clean, you won’t clean. There are a lot of excuses for not getting something done, and we all have busy lives.

For most of us, cleaning the house isn’t our preferred activity when it comes to chores. When we don’t schedule time for house cleaning, we will almost always do something else instead.

Create a cleaning schedule by thinking about what you need to clean daily, weekly, and monthly. You don’t need to clean your house every day or even every week. In some cases, such as a hall closet you rarely use, you don’t need to clean it once a month.

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If you need to create a cleaning schedule then make a list of the cleaning tasks you normally complete and categorize them according to whether they are daily, weekly or monthly. You should have a calendar where you can see your categories and tasks every day after you have assigned them.

It allows you to see everything that needs to be accomplished on a daily or weekly basis after you have created a calendar. During the week, schedule some time to do the cleaning task that needs to be done. To keep everyone on task, you can assign each person a task to complete each day.

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