Rise of Need of Security In the Energy Sector – 21st Century:

This security power sector is similar to other industries and sectors, which are concentrating on the

advancement of security level for the business.

The energy and fuel sector comprise many important and precious items like fossil fuels and covers

the sectors of:

  1. Wind energy
  2. Solar energy
  3. Fossil fuels
  4. Nuclear power
  5. Electricity

This sector provides all the facilities to the country whether it be moving from one place to another.

Utilizing electricity or airplanes. 

So, for the safety and security of the energy sector. Safety measures must be taken just similar to the

other sectors from threats. The rate of utilization of energy is to its fullest around the world. The tasks

to run industries, airports, gas stations, and many more are fulfilled by the energy sectors.

2009 Stuxnet attack:

Cyber Warfare was utilized in the year 2009 recently. In July 2009, an extremely complex computer

bug was produced by combined efforts of US and Israel Intelligence. The target was a Nuclear power

facility in Iran. Controlling the rotating power of machines and finally breaking the centrifuges.

Moreover, the bug caused the nuclear program of Iran to start again as it started back in the years.

Not only that but it caused damage physically.

Cyber Security:

Way physical security has increased in many states. For example, in the state of California,

@AmericanForeverSecurity and many other agencies have set the bar high. Similarly, cybersecurity

should be increased in the energy sector to protect productivity and machines too. Not similar to

what was explained above, but the Energy sector faces different problems instead. Attacks on vehicles

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of industries, data robbery, and much more cause many effects on the industry and its employees.

The threats not only include only Cybersecurity, threats, but threats that are physical are also faced by

many sectors. Bombings and striking the industries with numerous types of attacks may lead to the

destruction of various projects in the energy sector. This may cause a shortage of anything associated

with the power sector, such as electricity and fuel which are utilized the most.

Threats Caused By Leaked Information:

The energy sector, making everyone dependent on the lifestyle supported by the energy sector. There

is a possibility of threats. But the threat can always come from the internal sector. This threat requires

a much stronger counter from the intelligence teams. Another requirement is to protect this sector

with the help of the formation of supported policies in the countries. The same policies were provided

by Donald Trump in the United States of America. But the policies have caused more danger towards

the energy sector.

Deregulation and its Effect:

The effects caused by deregulations in the year 2000 and the years after were disastrous. The energy

crisis caused in California in the year 2001 is an example. The electricity industry in California opened

for competition by passing a deregulations bill the next year. This caused the bills to multiple three

times the normal rates. This also caused the dropping of 5% due to heavy usage in power reserves.

The number of customers affected was 97000+ in numbers in San Francisco. The circumstances were

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caused by several important factors. One factor was the heat of the summer in California that led to

much requirement of electricity but not enough supplies. The second was the Pacific Northwest

decreased the electricity amount. The blackouts didn’t stop, although the federal government took a

step and sold the electric companies to California. But, in the year 2003, the situation settled and the

emergency was under control now. Another reason for blackouts was the dramatic or fake shortage

of electricity created by electric companies. Which eventually helped the crisis grow more in the years

200 and 2001 also. This shortage planned and faked caused a loss of billions due to the surcharges.

The biggest offender was Enron who led the shutdown of one power plant due to false accusations

and reasons which caused the markets in Canada to be manipulated. Rigging had been completed

before the introduction of deregulation in the year 1998. Which resulted in profiting billions due to

the crisis in California.


The crisis in 2000 and 2001 plus Enron’s participation is an example of how security policies must be

present to protect any downfall of the energy sector. Since the Energy sector is a gold mine for many

who can manipulate and can gain dollars in a huge amount for their amusement. The last 2 decades

are the prime example of how the regulations have impacted the fluctuation in the bills of electricity

and caused power shortages. After the implementation of new political services under the rule of

democrat will certainly help the sector rather than destroying the electricity sector as of previously.

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Due to the number of cyber threats and physical threats towards the energy sectors. This sector will

seriously change its shape in the next decade or so. As renewable energy is taking over and fossil fuel

is still one of the most used sources of energy. Multiple policies will be intact to secure the sector.

Due to the utilization of energy in the current modern world, there is no second spent without the use

of energy.

Moreover, the current government of the United States of America must consider the possibility of

further threats and problems in the energy sector. The energy power sector cannot be left alone and

is also one single city of itself providing the needs of people every day.

Consequently, many people are working in the energy sector whether it be the electrical sector or the

water sector. These employees must receive proper protection from threats whether from inside or

external sources. The safety and security of the energy sector are in the hands of new policies

and securities against cyber and physical threats or losses. We can hope for the energy sector to

change its shape and level of security and protection in the upcoming 20 to 30 years, If you liked the

post then do follow for more. And keep reading posts regarding the energy sector and security.

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