5 Tips for Writing a Convincing Thesis

A thesis is one of the most difficult academic tasks that a student has to deal with and, it’s the most important as well….

Writing a good thesis requires not just exceptional writing skills and an in-depth understanding of research; it also requires effective planning, a lot of patience and determination. When students hear this, they get demotivated, thinking that they don’t have these things and that they cannot write a thesis.

While it’s true that a thesis is difficult, it can be managed by understanding the task well and planning the project effectively.

There are a few tips that will help you write a great quality PhD thesis writing help by The Research Guardian and which you are capable of.

Some of these tips pertain to writing a thesis, while the others are about planning your thesis project effectively. You have to take care of both these aspects if you want to write a convincing thesis.

Follow these tips to write a perfect thesis!

Select the right topic:

The topic that you select for your research must be related to the major you have selected.

Every field of research is vast, and once you dive into your field, you will find out there are certain areas that interest you more than the others. Therefore, it is advisable to select the topic that surrounds your area of interest. 

Follow your university’s guidelines:

Generally, a thesis project has the following stages:

  • Topic selection,
  • approval of your topic,
  • approval of your proposal,
  • the research and thesis writing, and finally
  • The thesis defense.

For a convincing thesis, you have to nail each of these stages, but for that, you have to know what exactly are you required to do at each of these stages. The answer to this critical question lies in the guidelines given by your university.

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You must also structure and format your dissertation as instructed by your research supervisor.

Break the task down:

A thesis is a long project, and you won’t finish it in one go. And given its enormity, if you don’t break it down into smaller, manageable chunks, it can demotivate you, which is not what you want.

So, to avoid this from happening, you should break the task into smaller chunks – a good way to break the thesis down is to divide it into chapters and further sections. And set a deadline for each section and chapter.

That’s how you do a thesis, break it into sections, set deadlines for each chapter and section, and take it one section at a time.

While it’s essential to set deadlines, it’s absolutely crucial to keep those deadlines realistic – set a deadline that you know you can achieve and Always be ready to re-adjust the deadlines if things don’t work out as planned.

Ask for feedback and help (when needed)

If you are writing a thesis for the first time, you will need regular feedback to see whether you are doing things right or not.

Have regular meetings with your research supervisor and share your progress with him. If you encounter any obstacles or any confusion along your way, you should share those with your supervisor as well.

Your supervisor’s feedback will help you stay on the right track.

Take breaks:

A dissertation is a long process, and you can’t keep a constant pace at it. So it’s important to take some breaks. Ideally, you should schedule breaks, but if it so happens that you hit “writer’s block”, there is no harm in taking an unscheduled break, as long as you are sure that you can make up for the break.

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Reference properly:

Credit the source for every piece of information that you take by adding references to that source.

When you use multiple sources for your understanding, it is essential to cite the sources you have used. Because…

  • It adds weight to your argument by providing evidence that supports your argument
  • Crediting the sources of information helps you avoid plagiarism.
  • It shows your understanding of the topic and tells your professor that you have researched the topic well.

There are several ways of adding references that depend on your research format – your references must be added according to the format you are following for your research.

Proofread once done:

Once you are done writing your assignment, make sure to proofread it before submitting it to your professor – give your assignments a thorough read and edit out all the mistakes you find.

You can also choose to hire an expert for proofreading. Find an online proofreading service that has renowned proofreaders and hire them for proofreading – they are experts and will make your assignment ready for submission.

Format properly:

A convincing thesis cannot be without proper formatting. Formatting includes everything from font size to how you present tables and add references. Here are some popular formatting styles:

  • Harvard
  • APA
  • Chicago

You will choose the format based on the field of study and your university’s requirements.


The thesis is difficult, but if you follow these tips, you will be able to write a convincing thesis, and you will be able to complete it within the given deadline – but for these tips to work, you need the time and the discipline to work on it. For some reason, if you think you will not be able to work on your thesis, you can avail of academic help – there are websites where you can order M.Phil. thesis online or get your master thesis written by an expert.

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Good luck writing your thesis!

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