Some benefits and dark side of protective mask

As we know that protective mask are very essential in our daily. Because this is a big need now all things are based on safety and protection. Especially for humans as humans are very sensitive. Any minor thing can impact humans very easily. Therapy group of NYC in today’s world immune system is not the same as old people.

The protective mask has both sides, positive and negative and all things mostly depend on the usage of the masks. Here in this world, all human-made things have two versions. It’s totally dependent on us how we deal with new things and how we use them for our personal things.

The most important thing about the protective mask is that after the Covid-19. It gives us to teach how much protection matters a lot for the human. Because humans are easily disturb-able by any minor infection and the virus. No matter what kind of the virus and other things affecting that type.

Furthermore, the good thing is that they are here to protect us. At the same time, it has the opposite version as well. Because this is not good for many of people and effective many other things as well at the same time.

So here is the list in which we will discuss its both side. The positive and the negative impact on the basis of their usage.

1. Protection against viruses

The protective masks work smartly against dangerous viruses like that Covid-19. Without the mask, survival is near to impossible because that type of virus spreads via respiration. That’s why that mask covers all things to create safety for humans.

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2. Protection against dust

Furthermore, the limitation of the mask is not virus control. It is used against dust control as well. Because minor particles in the air mostly cause different types of infection and allergies. That could be minimized with the use of a good mask.

3. Protection against smells

Most of the time we use a separate cloth to avoid bad smells which are quite annoying for us. In the meanwhile where mas controlling and creating barriers in many things. This is good for the smell controlling as well. That’s why its usage improves in that sector also.

4. Protection against pollution

In the daily routine working life, we bear too much pollution. which most emit from the transport, factories and other places. For safety from those things just need to wear a proper mask to keep a clean internal body. Because cleaning and caring for the inner body matters a lot.

5. Protection against minor insects

The wearing of the mask is always best because it protects us from many things which we even do not talk about. Most of the time minor insects in the atmosphere create difficulty in breathing. In that situation without a mask breathing is not possible that’s why mask usage is booming.

6. Protection from protective mask against chemicals reactions

Many of the chemicals are in our daily life can react and fuse us. So, their testing and their usage on daily basis matter a lot for different work. But at the same time, safety and care are also big things. That’s why the mask is the big protector here which does not allow to breathe in dangerous things in the body.

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7. Protection against others breathing

In the world in different places and work areas where any type of gases and other things exists. In that matter breathing without any protection become a big issue. So, for that location special type of masks plays an important role. in that location without a mask survival is near to impossible.

8. Best Barrier against the other patient’s transmission

In the hospitals where many types of patients are admitted. For their recovery doctors and other staff mostly get engaged in their survival services. Which means need to do direct interaction with them. So, for that purpose masks are playing an impressive role to be a barrier to the transmission of viruses in hospitals.

9. Best for traveling safety

In the virus seasons either it is for the cold and for the disease like Covid-19. During traveling it becomes an issue because we don’t know who is infected with which virus. So, for that matter mask plays a very impressive role to protect people who are in their routine traveling.

This is the big support of the mask as if this type of product If not exists. Mostly all people get infected. 

10. Increase pollution

On another side the mask which mostly not discard properly creating pollution. Because normally it takes time in decomposing naturally. Furthermore, is the process of decomposition is still not planned.

11. Cause allergies

The regular wearing of the mask cause different type of skin allergies. The regular use of old masks and low-quality material masks mostly do that.

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12. Cause Coughing

In many people, it has been identifying that regular wearing masks causing coughing. That means this could be a kind of allergy or mask reducing oxygen levels.

13. Create a Breathing issue

The normal common issue with the mask is that. After wearing it breathing is not easy. Many people feel the hardness in their breathing when they wear masks.

14. Cause irritation

The natural things are natural but the protective mask is not natural that’s why they cause irritation on the skin and face.

15. High barrier in talking 

After using the mask talking does not remain easy. As it reduces the sound of the talker which most people do even not get.

16. Damage skin

More frequent and long use of the mask damage the skin. That means over-usage is the big issue with the mask.

17. Cause over sweating

Due to the mask, many people face over sweating as they not completely taking full of breath due to the mask.

18. Protection against dangerous environment

In the world, we have so many types of climates and the environment. Those are not ideally fit for the humans for working and visiting. They could be more dangerous for the life of humans. That’s why many good protective mask suppliers made a variety of masks. To allow maximum protection of the humans with the full best available range.


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