Tips for Tidy Place After Commercial Cleaning in Los Angeles 

Have you ever felt like a place getting messy right after you got it cleaned? It happens quite often in workplaces and homes. Sometimes a place may look messy just because of the untidy things. The place should be all tidy to ensure that it looks clean and fresh. One of the best ways to avoid the daily clutter is to start building habits of cleaning. They help you keep everything in place and staying organized. Be it your home or your office, it is important to take small cleaning steps so that you gain a habit of keeping it clean. You can leave the major cleaning like sweeping and mopping on the service providers. Thankfully, some companies are offering commercial cleaning in Los Angeles. They can offer a full package of cleaning for your office. 

However, you can assure a tidy-looking pace by some small steps along with hiring a reliable commercial cleaning company. You can also free up some time by doing some home projects. 

You can technically tidy up the whole space within a few minutes and can make it look cleaner than before. 


Just the clean windows and floor do not make the place clean. You should ensure that everything including paper and small clutter is in its place. Paper is the biggest culprit that can make the desk a complete mess. You may have piles of notes, cartoons, and receipts thrown at places. The mess can come in the way of organizing other things in the workplace. 

However, you can take some time to organize all the documents and receipts in different sections. You can keep away all the to-do lists to perform the tasks in them later. Eliminate all the paper slips that you don’t need. If you think you might need some papers in the future, save them in a secure place. The office cleaning services in Los Angeles can help you to tidy up the paper in one place like the drawer. But they cannot separate all the papers into sections and eliminate the ones you do not need. That is why you have to take these small steps by yourself. 

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Paper clips 

Paper clips are something that every office owns but never uses. Let’s be real, when was the last time you used a paper clip? Your desk may be filled with a pack of paper clips that you never touch unless your HR asks for a document or you have to present something to a senior. 

Therefore, grab only the quantity you need and spread the rest of them among your office mates. Sure, everybody needs these clips once in a while but they buy the quantity more than they’d actually use. Since they are cheap, everyone tends to buy them in bulk. But they are messy. An easy solution to this is purchasing the paper clips in bulk together for yourself and your office mates. It will help to utilize the pins, preventing wastage and clutter. 


Pens spread across your desk can be a huge interruption in anything you perform. You probably do not know if all of them work. There are about 15 of them among which you use only one. 

The best step to avoid this is keeping a pen stand on your desk that holds not more than three pens. If you do not use a pen, avoid even keeping them. Also, for a Covid precaution, avoid using your friend’s pen because it can promote the spread of the virus easily. Even if you do, make sure that the office is sanitized properly according to the Covid-19 standards. 

You can look for “Covid-19 cleaning services near meonline to find a reliable cleaning company nearby. They can assure you of proper sanitation along with cleaning. 

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If your desk is covered with paperwork or other stuff, it is more likely to be dust on the table. Or if you haven’t made the sweeper clean the desk in the last few days, chances are that it has a layer of dust. You are not able to notice the dust with naked eyes but it gets dirty right after you wipe it. That is why you should wipe the desk every day. Get a nice towel damped in water. After some nice swipes, your desk will be squeaky clean. 

If you are too lazy to do so every day, look for office cleaning services in Los Angeles. They can do the job every day and make sure there is no hidden dust on your table. 


Considering your office like a home sounds inspiring. But you don’t have to actually make it look like your home. The clothes you are piling up there can make it a mess. We know how you forget to take those clothes home or even ignore doing so. Clothes like your jacket, scarf, or socks should get ideal storage, which is your home. Save your takeaway bag to keep the left-behind clothes in there and bring all of them home. 


Among everything that you have on your desk, the things that remain untouched are your printer, computer, and its parts. They are the backbone of your office hours. Take a moment to clean them before you switch them on in the morning. Or, make a quick wipe when you have the time to surf the internet. A quick clean is better than buying new hardware, right? 

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Or, you can hand over the task to the office cleaning company. There are several high-rated COVID cleaning services in Los Angeles that can offer complete cleaning for your workplace. Hiring them would make sure that everything in the office is clean even before the employees arrive for work.


Most diseases from flu or viruses do not often happen from the dirty bathroom. Many studies show that the desktop in any office is even dirtier than a restroom. That is why it is important to make sure that you disinfect it. Spray the dirt and germs off using a disinfectant or make your cleaning service staff do it. 

Cleaning during the pandemic has become more vital. To ensure safety and health, rely on the best cleaning company that also takes COVID measures into account.

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