Top 4 Reasons to Hire an Elder Law Attorney

Most lawyers are specialized in distinctive areas of the law, similarly, elder law attorneys are specialized in handling the specific needs and issues of the senior citizens/adults. Elder law is a subfield of law that involves that area of legal practice that is focused on protecting the rights of the elderly or aging population. 

Elder law attorneys assist the elders in achieving financial freedom by providing them with thorough financial planning assistance and long-term care options. They provide services to the elders and their families to plan for healthcare, retirement benefits and many more.

Elder law attorneys also come into the picture when elders have to make decisions on legal documents. The following article will provide you with insight into why it is essential to hire an elder law attorney.   

  1. Protection from Elder Abuse and Fraud

It’s a very common phenomenon that older people usually become targets of financial exploitation and elder abuse. Older people need an elder law attorney to protect them and their loved ones from every type of abuse and fraud by guiding them to report and resolve the issues.      

They help older people by providing them with information on protecting their assets and preventing fraud. Other than that, if you face any disability, an attorney also assists in devising a plan that makes sure that all your wishes are being respected.   

  1. Assistance in Estate Planning Document Composition

    When people age they need an expert to help them with estate planning and draft an end-of-life document, for that matter they contact an elder law attorney. It is usually advised to get estate planning done when you are in good health to avoid any disputes about your inheritance among your family members after your demise. 
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Older people who need an attorney to help them draft documents including last will testament, and power of attorney can get assistance from elder law attorney Ludington MI. As these documents are essential to protect senior citizen’s legal rights. 

  1. Medicaid Planning

Health care is the most important and basic necessity of everyone’s life. For senior citizens, it is even more essential. For most of them, Medicaid is the best opportunity available to get skilled nursing care. Medicaid is a health insurance program funded by the government to help those individuals who do not have adequate finances to meet their health expenses.

However, there are certain eligibility rules and criteria that must be fulfilled. Your elder law attorney can help you fulfill those complicated Medical rules and regulations.   

  1. Guardianships

An elder law attorney helps you choose a guardian who can make decisions for you at times when you are unable to do so for yourself. Guardian can be anyone from your children, close family members or relatives. 

The attorney also assists the senior citizen in cases when there is a need to challenge guardianship to prevent any sort of exploitation. They also guide their client to understand whether guardianship is a suitable option or not.   

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