Sports that are the most straightforward to wager on and earn money betting on

One of the most popular pastimes across the globe, particularly here in New Zealand, is sports betting. Betting on sporting events is enjoyable and, if you’re skilled and knowledgeable, it may also provide income on the side.

Players now have access to a wealth of information that may dramatically improve their odds of correctly forecasting the result of a sports event thanks to technology. Today’s internet connectivity enables us to obtain any sports team’s or individual player’s statistical information.

This is a big change from how things used to be, when we relied only on the information provided by the bookmaker.

Sports betting is a skill that can be honed and a list of the ten simplest sports to bet on and win will be provided in today’s post.

This is a good time to start.


Yes! There are few games as simple as tennis when it comes to betting and predicting the outcome. Just one negative of tennis wagering is its low odds on favourites, but you may still earn money by placing more bets and increasing your investment.

According to the stats, the favourite wins 89 percent of the time in this sport and has odds of 1.10 to 1.35. Betting online gives us even more advantages, such as the option to place bets live during the match on a set, game, and more.


You don’t need to be an expert in the sport of basketball to make an educated estimate as to who will win. NBA, FIBA, Euroleague, ABA League, ACB League, and others are some of the simplest leagues to bet on and win in when it comes to basketball. To play live, you have a limited number of choices but the odds of drawing are minimal so you may wager on either the host or visitor. The favoured team has odds ranging from 1.20 to as high as 2.20. You can do แทงบอลออนไลน์ on our website.

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A wager on a hockey game is one of the most straightforward. We advocate placing bets on leagues including the NHL, SHL, CHL, Liiga, and Russian Superleague. If you bet on the game’s favourite, you may get odds ranging from 1.80 to 3.32.

To ensure that your bets are as accurate as possible, study the statistical data for each match before depositing money. Consider each other’s experiences and results in the context of each other’s lives.


Just like in basketball, you can win a lot of money betting on cricket. Be sure to complete your homework on the teams you’re going to bet on before you start placing your wagers. Cricket has its share of favourites that are atop their leagues and are ranked number one in the globe. Some of the most well-known national teams include those of the West Indies, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Australia, and the United Kingdom (England).

The sport of thoroughbred horse racing

Even while horse racing isn’t as popular as football, basketball, or tennis, it provides punters with an excellent opportunity to win.

With dedication and a little knowledge of this world, your odds of winning this dispute are excellent.


Football is one of the simplest games to bet on and gain money on, despite the fact that it has caused millions of bettors across the globe to lose money.

You have an 80% probability of properly predicting the result of a football bet. So many people are passionate about their favourite sports teams that you can count on your fingers how many there are in the main international leagues. Bet on the home team and you have the highest chance of winning, hence the chances of the home team winning are always lower, save in specific situations.

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