The Solemn need of green energy, water purifiers, and reliable power supply in our disrupting land

Surprisingly, not only Pakistan, but the entire world is enduring due to the massive dependency on the use of non-renewable energy resources. This ushers solemn environmental problems, as well as worldwide issues and troubles concerned with health and safety.

The increased reliance on non-renewable resources diminishes its finite availability which means we need to significantly reduce its use, as these resources take millions of years to reproduce.

Though Pakistan has ideal renewable energy resources available, it is still importing fuels for electricity generation. This is the reason why fuel prices surge and why the development of new industrial zones is bounded. The present-day demand and supply gap of electricity is roughly 5k-8k MW, which is gradual and constantly increasing at a rate of 6% to 8% per annum.

Besides this, another growing concern is about the quality of water available for drinking. It is immensely dangerous, considering the surge in population and industrialization, to drink unsafe or unpurified water. This is because of the contamination i.e. microorganisms and toxic chemicals into the water which may lead to death.

Unsafe water: A growing concern

Shockingly, only 20% of Pakistan’s population has access to pure and clean water. The leftover proportion uses unpurified and hazardous water for drinking due to a lack of clean water resources.

The sources responsible for contamination in water are sewerage and industrial disposal. The vast run-off of sewerage is, with no doubt, detrimental for the ecosystem, as well as a major source of water contamination. The harmful chemicals including pesticides, fertilizers, and others that industrial waste creates, are another cause of rising risks associated with water.

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Dire need of protection

Keeping in view all the factors that are disrupting our land, it is essential to take safeguarding and preservative measures to protect our land and people. This can include the proper management of energy resources to tackle current problems. Also by making pure water accessible by all for better health and safety.

RO Plants- offering contaminants-free water to you all

 Reverse Osmosis (RO), a trending water filtration system, is an ideal way to provide you with clean and safe water.  This system comprises usually 4 steps that make water ready to drink.

In these four stages, the filter removes large bits in water and makes the water chlorine-free by passing it through a carbon block filter. This also ensures that the water tastes good, removing any unlike essence and making it drinkable.

Depending on the usage, filters in RO plants must go through replacement every 7-9 months. However, proper cleaning is also an advisor to avoid any expected faults in the future.

For an effective RO plant setup, @JNA is an optimum service provider that can fulfill all your demands and expectations.

Solar energy– A hassle-free power supply

The superabundant source of energy on Earth is solar energy. Around 173k TW of solar energy hits the Earth’s surface at any respective time which is stunningly more than the entire world’s energy requirement.

The use of solar energy is effective yet efficient and cost-saving as well. This plentiful source converts the sun’s energy to electricity for use in domestic and commercial purposes. Solar energy is an immediate solution to all the current plight. Also, this can appreciably reduce our dependence on the use of non-renewable energy resources.

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Solar power systems consist of PV panels, an inverter, and a rack system. PV is a photovoltaic panel that is held by a rack system whilst an inverter converts power from DC to AC.

Electricity generation through this inexhaustible source of energy is a boon. The way the solar system generates electricity is:

  • When it’s daytime, the silicon cells in solar panels ingest the energy from sun rays;
  • The circuits in the cell converts the consumed energy into DC energy (Direct Current);
  • The DC energy is then transforms into Ac (alternating current) electricity by inverter;
  • This electricity generation is harm-free and environment friendly.

People make use of such electricity at home and in businesses. Sometimes, people store solar batteries as well.

Solar PV panels are mostly placed on roofs to get maximum exposure to sunlight.

Solar cells have a huge variety, 60 or 72 cell formats. However, at this moment, many companies are working to improve the effectiveness of solar cells to give maximum benefit to the consumers.

One of the best manufacturers of solar panels is @JNA. JNA uses extravagant technology to help Pakistan carry out operations without any power supply issues.

Generator: A demanded resource

Considering the unreliability in the supply of electricity in Pakistan, every workplace and apartment requires a generator. The generator is a powerful source that can provide a seamless electricity supply in case of power outages.

A generator, generally, is a machine that is available in multitudinous physical structures and electrical designs. In a generator, mechanical energy, attained from an external source, is converted into electricity for transferral to domestic, industrial, and commercial users. It also creates electrical power for multiple transport systems i.e. aircraft, ships, automobiles, and trains.

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Generators restrict any power interruption in business operations and industrial processes. For a top-featured and high-standard diesel generator, @JNA is an optimum service provider in Pakistan.

A supreme platform for all your power generation, water filtration and green energy needs

@JNA is a certified company in Pakistan. Having a remarkable reputation in servicing, it has always been sustained itself by giving the best products to its customers.

When it comes to RO plants, JNA secures its position in supplying clean water whilst treating water supply issues. It does plant installation at domestic, commercial, and even industrial sites. Also, it ensures that installation doesn’t consume unnecessary time and costs, which satisfies the customer. JNA can help us to accomplish our mission of delivering safe water across our nation.

Making the best efforts in providing a seamless power supply, JNA has always proved to be an aid. Serving out the most environmentally-friendly product i.e. solar panels, it’s helping industrial and commercial consumers to have interrupted power supply. Using the most advanced technology and enticing sustainability, JNA ensures to deliver its quality products with promising results.

JNA also tackles the troubles in areas where sufficient power supply resources are not available. This company offers efficient gensets to both industrial and commercial areas made by professionals.

@JNA has always given immense focus to customers’ preferences and demands. Securing its name in the competitive market, it has always given its best to customers.

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