Passport Playbook: Differences Between Renewal And Reissue

A passport is vital for international travel, requiring careful maintenance and timely updates. However, situations such as loss, theft, or expiration necessitate either renewal or re-issuance. While often used interchangeably, these terms denote distinct processes with specific requirements.

Distinguishing Renewal From Re-issuance:

Renewal involves extending an existing passport’s validity period, usually five to ten years. The applicant needs to present the old passport, and once modifications are made, a new passport is issued with updated details. Notably, any visa from the old passport remains valid on the new one despite different passport numbers.

On the other hand, re-issuance is sought for various reasons, including an expired or soon-to-expire passport, a lost or stolen passport, insufficient pages, passport damage, or necessary changes to personal data (excluding validity). In these cases, an entirely new passport is issued.

Process Differences:

The procedures for renewal and re-issuance vary slightly. Individuals can visit the Passport Seva Kendra office or the online application portal to apply.

Renewal Process:

Visit the official Passport Seva Kendra website, choose the passport renewal option, submit the necessary details, including the original passport, self-attested pages, address proof, No Objection Certificate, and employer’s certificate, and then complete the required fee payments.

Re-issuance Process:

Select the option for a new passport on Passport Seva Kendra’s official website.

Submit essential documents, such as the authentic passport, an FIR report with an affidavit for a lost passport, copies of the first and last two pages, an observation page, an ECR page, and a self-attested page extending the validity of the previous visa.

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Include an affidavit describing the damage and circumstances, proof of age (birth certificate, high school diploma), identity documents (driver’s license, voter ID), and proof of address (passport, Aadhar card). Make the necessary fee payments.

Benefits Of Travel Insurance For Lost Passport:

While renewal and issuance processes exist, unexpected incidents like a lost passport during travel can disrupt plans. International travel insurance provides financial protection. Subject to terms and conditions, it aids in obtaining a duplicate or new passport in a foreign country. This coverage ensures a smoother process and assistance in liaising with relevant authorities.

Travel insurance goes beyond passport-related concerns, offering a safety net for unforeseen circumstances. It provides financial protection for medical emergencies, delay or loss of luggage, and even trip cancellation or curtailment. For instance, flight cancellation insurance reimburses necessary expenses if a flight is cancelled due to inclement weather or a natural disaster. Student travel insurance is essential for safeguarding against unforeseen circumstances and ensuring a secure and worry-free international academic experience. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy. *

Passport renewal extends the validity of an existing passport, while re-issuance involves obtaining a completely new passport due to factors like expiration, loss, or damage. Differentiating between these processes is vital for efficiently navigating procedures and collecting the required documents.

Additionally, having internationaltravel insurance adds an extra layer of security, ensuring financial protection during unforeseen events, including passport-related issues. If you are travelling locally, you can avail of domestic travel insurance.  Whether renewing or reissuing, maintaining an up-to-date passport and considering travel insurance contribute to a hassle-free and secure travel experience.

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