Five Main SOAR Benefits

A comprehensive view of an organization’s cyber security activities is essential to combat cyber threats effectively. Understanding the methods and tactics used by attackers, as well as indicators of compromise, is vital for successfully preventing and mitigating cyber attacks. These five main SOAR benefits help you get the data you need to make better decisions and enhance incident detection and response. These five benefits are just some ways SOAR can benefit your organization. However, it’s important to remember that SOAR is not for everyone.

Reduces Manual Effort
Security orchestration and automation platform like SOAR helps IT organizations get ahead of their cybersecurity goals. It allows security pros to gather basic information and initiate responses to every possible event. Although it doesn’t replace human security analysts, SOAR platforms can help them be more productive and reduce staff burnout. By automating these tasks, IT organizations can focus on the more critical and time-consuming tasks vital to their security operations. This approach helps security pros get ahead of their competition and improve overall security posture.
An effective SOAR solution works with a SIEM to automate incident response. It uses use-case-based playbooks to assign personnel tasks and automatically incorporate user inputs. Unlike an XDR solution, SOAR ingests and enriches data from SIEM and automates complex incident response workflows. SOAR also provides the capability to visualize event data and security operations tools so that users can easily understand network issues.
Improves Collaboration
SOAR is a framework for strengths-based information exchange that enables team members to work collaboratively. Its activities help achieve the goal of effective collaboration to protect the organization from cyberattacks. They include self-reflection, mutual understanding, and consideration of the collaborative team as a whole. This process helps team members share their ideas, aspirations, and goals and achieve their desired results.
A study at the University of Michigan found that SOAR mediates the relationship between emotional intelligence and collaboration. This finding was especially striking in groups that involve multiple individuals. This study provides a clearer understanding of how emotional intelligence and collaboration are related. Soar is one of the most important mediators between emotional intelligence and collaboration. Therefore, it is essential to consider emotional intelligence as part of your collaboration process. Its impact on collaboration is both direct and indirect.
Automates Penetration Testing
SOAR is an automated security solution that allows analysts to respond quickly and efficiently to incoming alerts. Companies are bombarded with thousands of security threats daily, and manually responding to every single one can take hours, days, or even weeks. SOAR helps analysts identify the severity level of any alert and reduce alert fatigue. In addition, its flexible platform supports real-time collaboration and unstructured investigations while providing easy tracking and communication.
There are different approaches to SOAR automation. Some are designed for highly skilled analysts, while others are suitable for non-experts. Some require scripting skills and the ability to integrate security tools and create playbooks. Other approaches do not require programming skills. Depending on the organization’s needs, choosing a solution is a critical element in determining the ROI. SOAR solutions should provide ease of use and a wide range of features to ensure a smooth transition into an automated security testing process.
Reduces Investigation Times
A POINT solution to reduce investigation times is an excellent way to streamline a case’s progress. These systems allow brand managers to work with structured data and speed up investigations. Through POINT, brand managers can immediately access the data they need after identifying a product in the market. The following are a few benefits of using POINT. First, they reduce investigation times and improve TTR. By reducing investigation times, clients benefit from reduced costs and improved security.
Automates Data Management and Analytics
Fund Trail automates data management and analytics, enabling analysts to perform complex forensic audits quickly. It transforms large data sets into digestible analytics and presents red flags for further investigation. This solution can analyze millions of transactions in less than 24 hours and shows data anomalies that require further research. It reduces engagement time by identifying red flags in real time, which is essential for a thorough investigation. Fund Trail helps reduce exploration and efficiency by removing data preparation and analysis time.

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